Sectional Garage Doors

We offer the complete range of Sectional Garage Doors available on the market, from the leading International Manufacturers. Supplied and Installed from £790 (including VAT) We provide extensive MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTEES on ALL of our Sectional Garage Doors and all INSTALLATION WORK GUARANTEED.

The Designs and Styles

Sectional doors have two standard designs; the Panelled or Georgian (squares) and the Ribbed or Linear (horizontal lines). Both designs have variations on their theme with regards to the size and number of panels or ribs the customer prefers.

Styles range from a selection of solid timber-effect finishes to a choice of gloss coloured finishes to suit. All options can have one or more of a variety of windows integrated into their design if required.

The Benefits of choosing a Sectional Door

Engineering. The exceptional craftmanship and engineering involved in the manufacture of Sectional doors ensure they are amongst the finest garage doors available.

Mechanism. As the door is in sections, the operation of opening and closing is far more efficient with regards to internal and external space, as it rises vertically (see picture on left). This allows for more headroom for users and more vehicle room in height, width and length. The door needs no room to travel on the outside and very little on the inside. Meaning they are easier and safer for the customer to operate manually.

Security. Due to each horizontal section being attached to side rails and the excellent locking mechanism, Sectional doors are often more secure than Roller Shutter doors. And even more so when the door is automated.

Insulation. When closed, the door tightly seals on all four sides preventing the majority of draughts, increasing the comfort and temperature inside the garage. To add to this, the doors can be supplied with the panels insulated (see picture on left). Therefore vastly minimising any heat loss and making your garage warmer, more energy efficient and cost effective.


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